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What We Offer

The World of Learning Foundation offers many services for children as well as adults. The not-for-profit foundation provides many programs including; educational assessments, behavior management, academic guidance, vocational advisement as well as education advocacy.

World of Learning Foundation also offers services for schools in supporting students with disabilities. Our Educators and Education Specialists have teaching credentials through the State of California and are well trained and qualified in their area of expertise.

We strive to provide children with the best educational experience at the most affordable price. There are a few separate programs to choose from. Please call for pricing and find out just how affordable our services can be. World of Learning foundation is a charitable education service based upon the family’s ability to pay. We focus on enriching the lives of children, not on profits or needless programs.

Our sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home, free from outside distractions and in an environment where your child feels comfortable. We work to motivate your child to achieve his or her goals whether they are academic, behavior, or vocational in a positive learning environment.

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Private Services

Before your child first starts their sessions, he/she may have an assessment conducted that will gauge what subject matter area needs improvement. This assessment will also reveal the interests of the child and give information on which subjects he/she might want to focus on for greater understanding. A behavior study can also be performed, but it is not needed for all children and will only be conducted at the request of the parent. This initial assessment is helpful but not necessary for the other programs.

Education Advocacy
Many parents are unaware of the services their child is eligible to receive through the school districts. If a child has a disability (or the parent suspects a disability) and an IEP (individualized education plan) this program can help assist the parents in many aspects. Within this program, the IEP and assessments made by school psychologists and nurses are reviewed by an Education Advocate. The advocate informs parents as well as the child of their educational rights. Although the advocate is not an attorney, attendance at school meetings is offered, (IEPs, section 504) as well as preparation for the parents at the IEP meetings. Measureable annual goals and strengths, weaknesses will be discussed and placed in writing. Negotiations can be made at ease between the parent and school districts with the help of the Education Advocate. The advocate will also review all documents before the parent signs at the meeting. This service is greatly beneficial for the parents as it empowers and strengthens their advocacy skills.
Academic Guidance
During a persons’ educational career, there may come a time where some guidance needs to happen. Through the education guidance service, an Education Specialist will work with the student to determine different strategies to help him or her become successful in school. Some of these strategies encompass time management, self-advocacy, executive functioning strategies, as well as many others. These sessions are conducted in the privacy of your own home and are determined and developed in an individualized manner. These sessions are an hour long and anywhere from 1-3 times a week as determined by the Education Specialist as well as the learner.
Behavior Management
Our behavior management program offers a wide range of strategies and tips for parents to consider. There are a lot of students who have trouble focusing in the classroom or making positive choices. Our Education Specialists are trained in behavior management and can educate both the child and parents in executive functioning regulation techniques that have been proven successful. For parents wanting to consider therapy and other methods of behavior modification before medication is used, the World of Learning Foundation can help!
Vocational Advisement
In the teenage years, adolescents become familiar with certain strengths they have…why not point them in the right direction with the vocational advisement program? This service opens up research about colleges and universities, as well as vocational and technical schools for adolescents. This plan is kick started by a strengths and interests survey to pin point the right direction to proceed in. Following the survey, the results are given and a plan is created that provides the blueprints to guiding the adolescents on the path to a successful career. A resume will also be prepared through this program. Preparing adolescents who are ready for a career that they will prosper in and enjoy is our end goal with vocational advisement. Their success in landing a good career position in this harsh economic climate can be enhanced by using the World of Learning Foundation vocational advisement services.
Educational Assessments
The World of Learning Foundation offers highly qualified Education Specialist for assessing your child. Some of the major tests that we are offer are the Woodcock Johnson III, WISC-IV, and the ADOS. We offer testing at a very affordable price and it includes a report with recommendations for your child. We also conduct assessments on a smaller scale in terms of reading and math ability.
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School Site Services

There are two plans for the cost of services: Services can be provided at a per service rate or services can be provided at a daily rate with a continuation of services and contract. Please contact us for details or questions.

  • Support Program Consultation
  • Program Intake Interviews
  • IEP accommodation reviews and recommendations
  • Education advocacy- meetings for schools & parents
  • Teacher in-service trainings
    • Disability Awareness
    • Universal Design
    • Behavior Management
    • Transition/vocational programs
  • Pull out enrichment
  • Behavior Support Guides – with implementation
  • Educational testing
    • Woodcock Johnson III
    • Reading/Math abilities and levels